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I am a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland, and have been involved in the music industry most of my life. Been playing guitar and other instruments since as long as I can remember. Played in function bands in the early to mid 70s, then rock bands from around '76 to '91. taught music in schools for a couple years, '86 to '88. Worked on cruise ships for over 20 years. Played in Musical Theatre pit bands for a few years, and done a lot more than I can remember. Probably the only common element that existed thru' all these years is that I was always writing songs, lyric ideas and musical ones. Scribbling down whatever came into my head while travelling on tour buses, trains, planes and the like, wherever work took me. I eventually stopped touring/travelling a few years ago and decided to get some recording done. 2012 saw me release my first solo project. An album of instrumental, electronica - Called, ironically, '2012'. Over the next few years I released various albums and singles. Ranging from acoustic folk/country/Americana, through to my latest release, 'RIDGE'. Which is a return to probably my first love, Heavy Rock. At the start of 2019 I decided that I wasn't going to release any albums this year, but instead, release 4 EPs. Which I entitled 'RAYMIECANA 1,2,3 & 4. I am also working on a concept album/musical, which, so far, has the equivalent of a Triple LP! Yes, I am that old.

Click on the MUSIC link to the left and then on the links to listen to my music., and if you like it, click on the other link to make a purchase. All my music is available from most digital online stores and on most of the good streaming sites.

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