Have you always wondered what it would be like to record a song or even a few songs in a studio, and have a CD with you singing on it.

Well, at Balcony we can make that a reality.

Just let us know in advance what song(s) you'd like to sing and we'll get  fully produced backing tracks done. If you have a favourite KARAOKE track and would like to record it - Just let us know and we'll sort it. Then you can come in for an hour or so, and sing on the track. We will then mix and master the song(s) and burn them to CD for you to take away on the day. We will also email you an mp3 file of the song(s), and print another CD with on body printing with whatever you want on it. (Please note this may take a few days to do depending on how busy we are) We can either post it to you or arrange for you to pick it up.


Up to 4 songs in a 2 hour session - £50 for one singer. (Plus £10 for each additional singer). Max of 4 singers.

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