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Project 22


An album of songs that are a wee bit different from my usual output.


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Raymiecana 5


The 5th EP from my 'Raymiecana' project.


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Take Back The Dream


A wee single to fill the gap til the next album release.

Out now on all digital music platforms to purchase or stream!


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RIDGE - 'Looking For A Reason'

The first full album


Released on April 26 2021


You can listen and purchase it here




R1, R2, R3, R4 including the full version of 'Homeland'. All on the one disc.

Physical copies only.

Available directly from me. At gigs or post.


The complete track from 'Raymiecana 3', unedited, in it's entirety


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4th and final EP in a series of 4.

'Raymiecana 4'


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'RIDGE' - The 'B' SIDE -EP

Follow up to 'RIDGE'



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'FREE!' - EP

Doing my bit for the stay-at-home thing!


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'GONE' - (single


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3rd in a series of 4 EPs

'Raymiecana 3"


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4 track ROCK EP

A wee extra release for 2019


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2nd of 4 EPs intended for release in 2019

'Raymiecana 2'


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First of 4 EPs intended for releases in 2019

'Raymiecana 1'


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A wee Christmas song.

'At Christmas Time'



At Christmas Time
A wee Christmas song, (but not a cheery thing)!
At Christmas Time.mp3
MP3 audio file [5.9 MB]

September 17 2018.

"Missed Trains, Absent Lovers, and Broken Whiskey Bottles".


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 "Tell Me Something".

Out now on iTunes.


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"Rocky River".

Americana, Bluegrass, and Southern Rock.

Out now on itunes

Rocky River


'Wallpaper & Paint'.

Out now on iTunes

Wallpaper & Paint


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'Everday's A Monday'. (Single)

Out now on iTunes.

Everday's A Monday


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'Weather Permitting'.

An album of original songs, ranging from folk/country to hard rock.

Available now on iTunes

Weather Permitting



An album of original, instrumental compositions.

Mainly electronic, but including some organic instruments.

Available now on iTunes


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An EP of 4 of my songs.

Kinda Americana with a twist!

Available now on iTunes


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A selection of original music I composed for the Marc Pye play; 'Getting Ahead'.

Available now on iTunes

Getting Ahead

Listen to it here!

7 Original Pieces

for Classical Guitar

Printed sheet music

Available for download here

7 Original Guitar Pieces

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